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Flooding good for local economy?

Jun 25, 13 Flooding good for local economy?

If you are not up to date with your news, you might be surprised to learn that Calgary, Canada is currently experiencing flooding problems from heavy rains. Similar to what occurred somewhat recently in the North East of the United States, also suffering from flooding issues from Hurricane Sandy.

My heart goes out to the folks effected in Calgary, but as someone who experienced the effects of Hurricane Sandy in New Jersey, their problems are just about to begin.

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Summer Travel To Sweden

Jun 25, 13 Summer Travel To Sweden

As some of you may know, I am originally from Taiwan.  Although I have lots of family members there that miss me dearly, long story short, SUMMER is not the time to go there.  Its hot humid, super hot, and spicy food is often on the menu.

Being that I could not write a word of Chinese in my mother tough, my sophomore year at university my folks shipped me back to the mother land to force to me learn how to write.    During my one year stay I did gain some mastery learning how to write Chinese characters, but my biggest education in life came from the foreign community in Taiwan.

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Warning! Some Power Washers Can Destroy Your House

powerwashers Did you know that some power washers are too strong and can chip off the pain on your house?

If your house has any cracks, a bad power washer can exploit these cracks and make theme even worse!

If your house needs cleaning, you need to make sure that you buy a proper power/pressure washer so you don’t have these common problems go wrong.

First thing you need to figure out, is what kind of job you’re doing. Are you using a power washer to clean your painted house or are you using a power washer to remove paint?

You see, there are different power washers for different activities and it’s important that you understand which one you need it for before you go and drop a few hundred dollars on the wrong equipment and then damage your home.

After you write down the type of job you need the power washer for, now you can start shopping for one.

And then once you do start shopping, you might get confused about what the numbers mean, how to determine how powerful one is, and before you know it, you find yourself confused.

If you don’t have the time to do proper research, we highly recommend that you just contract the job out to power washing professionals. This way, you won’t have to waste time researching the correct power washer, buying it, doing the job yourself, and then storing it.

However, if you are the do-it-yourself type, then power washing can actually be an oddly fulfilling activity.

Before you start shopping for the specific one to buy, it will pay off immensely if you do some research for 30 min before pulling out your wallet.

Look into reviews, what the power numbers mean, and what brands are durable, etc. This process should be at least 30 minutes minimum up to however long you need to feel comfortable with your buying decision.

More importantly, you need to research on HOW to use a power washer. The last thing you want to do is use your power washer incorrectly and severely damage your home.

Now that you know what to do, you can get started.

Luckily, you can cut down your research time by checking out Bart Powell’s blog. You can find power washer reviews here for Bart’s comparison of top rated washers and come to a conclusion on the type of washer you need much faster.

Although we haven’t used the site ourselves, our readers have recommended Bart’s blog to us when we reached out to them via email regarding power washer buying tips.

Bart Powell’s reviews on the best electric power washers are very detailed and provide key info. We recommend starting here in your research phrase, because after he explains how to pick a power washer, he provides his expert recommendations.

Once you read through his blog (est. 30 mins) you should be well on your way to getting your power washing job done. Just remember to be careful when power washing your home and if you are unsure about anything, look it up rather than second guessing… or else you can destroy your homes exterior.

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A Closer Look at Lap Band Surgery Costs & Risks

lap band surgery costsLosing weight and keeping it off for a long duration is hard to do. Sure, there are short cuts that people can take, but the weight usually just jumps back on again. When individuals find it hard to lose weight and nothing seems to work, it can be very frustrating. This is especially true if they have tried every diet known to man.

There are plenty of reasons why people want to lose weight. Maybe they want to look good for a big family reunion. Or, maybe they just want to look better in your clothes. But, what if an individual needs to lose weight due to health reasons? How are they going to get those pounds off quickly to address the issue? Lap-band surgery appears to be the answer for many.

Lap Band Surgery Costs

Chances are, the majority of overweight people have probably have thought about getting this procedure done, but decided against it because of the expensive lap band surgery costs. Sure, it is said that the procedure is cheaper if it is done in countries such as Mexico. But, due to travel expenses, this is not an option for many.

However, if an individual does not have insurance or the cash to pay for the surgery, there are still other options available. For instance, some bariatric centres are so large and established that they can offer financing. Although it is something that has to be paid off over time, it is still a better option than having to come up with the full amount at the time of the surgery.

There are many ways to take care of lap band surgery costs. Use insurance, pay cash or apply for financing. If an individual is paying for this surgery out of pocket, it may seem like a lot of money to dish out upfront. However, think about the overall cost associated with opting for this surgery. For the person who is morbidly obese, it will be cheaper than the medical complications that develop due to a lifetime of being overweight.

All in all, pay the money now and get rid of the fat. It will cost less in the long run. The patient won’t have to worry about health complications that can turn fatal. Also, it will greatly reduce the amount of expensive medical bills due to long term obesity problems. Thus, opting for this surgery could save loads of money in the long run.

What about risks?

As with all forms of surgery, the Lap-Band procedure carries inherent risks. Three of the many risks are covered below.

Port, Tube or Band Malfunctions: It is common that the port actually detaches itself. What happens here is that patients experience sharp pain in the right abdomen. It needs to be treated as an emergency.

Bleeding or Infection: Given that the abdomen is penetrated during the surgery, there of course is risk of infection to the wound. Infection can be fatal if it progresses so patients are carefully monitored immediately after the procedure.

Blood Clots in the Leg: Given the long period of time in the supine position whilst recovering from the surgery, patients are prone to blood clotting, particularly int eh legs. Patients will often wear compression leg sleeves to assist with blood circulation and anti-clotting.

Clearly, there is plenty to weight up when considering the procedure. This article should be just the tip of the iceberg when considering the surgery. For further information, we recommend looking into specialist Lap Band information resource, the Lap Band Guide website.

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Fast File Transfers for the Music Business

musicThe latest technological advancements are opening new vistas of possibility that were unheard of just ten years ago.  For instance, back in the 1990s, you could only send a text document or an image to someone. Five years ago, you could send an mp3 music file. This has transformed many industries, including sound and audio engineering. Music file transfer technology for studio businesses has been able to keep pace with the gargantuan file sizes that are generated.  Local businesses can now stream music via programs like Pandora and Spotify. Music for business enterprises has evolved quickly.


As the music business has embraced digital formats the need for fast and secure file transfer has increased. Music for business enterprises may now be terabytes in size. The ability to move files quickly and securely has been a double-edged sword, as everyone in the traditional music industry knows. On the one hand engineers and musicians can share large mastered files across great distances for editing and enhancements.  On the other hand, fast reliable file transfer technology and sharing paved the way for pirating programs like Napster in the 1990s and the bit torrent programs like Pirate Bay that exist today. But one thing is certain. The genie is out of the bottle. While record labels have been slow to embrace the digital age due to the threat of unlicensed file sharing, the audio engineering industry has whole-heartedly embraced it.


Audio engineers can now easily collaborate with musicians and other team players on massive projects whose data size is in the terabytes or petabytes. These massive files can be sent via cloud computing in quick, timed and secure fashion.  There is whole new class of fast file transfer applications designed to do fast, secure file transfer of large media files like engineered music masters, raw video footage and photography sets. The leader in file transfer technology for enterprise is Signiant. Music for business at an enterprise level can now accommodate massive files, fast transfer rates, collaboration tools, timed delivery and IT department security controls. Huge multi-faceted operations like Virgin Records can control enterprise file transfers from an admin panel so they can work with internal employees as well as outside contractors across the globe. Enterprise file management for media conglomerates is now easy even when the files being transferred are massive.


The Best of the Rest


For the musical entrepreneur and the small recording studio that are not ready for an enterprise grade file transfer solution, there are cost effective solutions out there. But be aware that security and the ability to collaborate are not priorities for these applications.


  1. Dropbox. This is probably the most popular file-sharing/ online storage option that many people can use. With Dropbox, users can access up to 2GB free storage space allowing them too share important links and folders.
  2. SugarSync. With this program you can back up data in any folder just the same way you would do with Dropbox. Unlike Dropbox, it allows users to share files of any size. Additionally, it doesn’t offer any free storage although there is a free trial.
  3. Box. This application is very similar to Dropbox in numerous ways especially in its file sharing features. The premium version has some cool features such as email notifications for downloads and comments on files. Its free option also has some nice and secure file sharing options.
  4. WeTransfer.  This is another wonderful file sharing and storage platform whose free version is supported by ads. It allows users to store and share up to 2GB. Your uploads would be live for up to seven days
  5. MediaFire. This one is a favorite for many people since it gives free users 10GB storage space although there is a limit on the size of files transferred to 200MB. For just $2.49 per month, you have long-term storage that is free from ads.


With all of this new file transfer and music business technology, it is interesting to ponder what new feats await us in the decade ahead!



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The Top 5 Benefits of Renting with Rental Force

unitIf you are looking for a storage unit, then it’s time to head on over to to check out what they have to offer. Rental Force offers several benefits that make them stand out from among their competitors in the self-storage industry. First and foremost, they strive to offer the absolute best customer service in Los Angeles, and once you set foot onto one of their properties, you will understand why there is no better option for storing your belongings. It really is that simple.

Here’s a look at the top 5 benefits of renting with Rental Force!

  1. Climate Controlled Storage. Don’t settle for storage facilities that offer only heating or cooling instead of both. Instead, you need a facility that deploys multiple heating and air conditioning units at each location to offer comprehensive coverage for your prized belongings. Should one of their heating or cooling units accidentally fail, there will always be a backup system to cover it. Each of their facilities maintains a temperature range of between 55 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit.
  2. Plethora of Sizes to Choose From. Most storage facilities offer a single, standard sized room for storing your belongings. Regardless of what your unique storage needs might be, you must rent the same size room as everyone else. Rental Force offers a plethora of differently sized storage unit rentals to choose from. You could rent a storage unit as small a 5×5 or as large as 10×30. The point is that you have options.
  3. 24 Hour Security. Security is important. These are belongings that you have worked your entire lifetime to accrue. They should be well-protected. Likewise, items with sentimental value are often irreplaceable if they were to be stolen, lost, or otherwise destroyed. Don’t take any unnecessary chances or gamble with your prized possessions. Rental Force locations keep on site security guards 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can rest assured that your property will be protected from damage or theft.
  4. Move In Specials. For most renters, pricing is going to play an influential role in the rental in Los Angeles that they choose. Rental Force strives to ensure that their pricing is among the most competitive in the industry. Furthermore, they frequently offer discounts on the first month of your rental, discounted monthly rates, free truck rentals, packing and moving supplies, and much, much more. All of this adds up to a great value for your dollar.
  5. Drive Up Access. Finally, Los Angeles’ weather is notoriously unpredictable. It wouldn’t be much fun to load and unload your belongings in the rain, would it? For this reason, most of Rental Force’s storage facilities offer drive up access to their units. Their storage units feature doors that face the outside, so that you can drive your vehicle directly up to the unit for simple, hassle free loading and unloading of your items. Most facilities will also offer moving carts to make your moving process simpler.
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How You Can Get Rid of Your Junk Fast and Cheap

istock_000011694783smallGetting rid of junk is one of those activities avoided by some. Most often, big piles of junk are gathered up in our homes simply because we were too lazy to regularly remove them. Generally speaking, there are two ways in order to get rid of these unwanted junk. First is by taking the initiative of cleaning them up, which means that you have to do the messy task of gathering them and throwing them somewhere. The other option is hiring the assistance of a junk removal agent. For example in Detroit junk removal can be found at online sites.


Between the mentioned options, the second one is highly preferred by many people since nobody really wants to waste time with such dirty work. To save time and effort, you can simply hire professional agents who are considered experts in removing junk from your house or office space. All it takes is hiring a reliable junk removal agent. The rest of the things to be done are handled by these professionals.


How they collect your junk


Junk removal companies work with one purpose in mind: to get rid of all your junks. They are in charge of making sure that such junk is disposed accordingly. These days, thousands of companies within the country seem to appear here and there. This calls for the need to select a junk removal company carefully.


One of the things that need to be kept in mind is that these different cities may have their own junk removal companies. Each of these companies has their own story to tell. They have their own features, as well as equipment and tools which they will use all throughout. Once you come in contact with any of them, they will simply work with you, removing the burden off your shoulders. For example, click here for information on the best option in your area.


All you need to do is to gather all your junk, or perhaps, at least identify the areas in your house where the junks are located. Then, call the company offering the services, and they will do the job for you. As an advantage, you no longer have to do the dirty work of cleaning up. Once you have gathered everything, all you need to do is simply hand the junks over to the company, and paying them afterwards.




There are several advantages offered by this type of service. First, you can simply expect thorough removal of junks, based on your instructions. The representatives from this company will remove the ones that you want to remove, and keep the ones you want to keep.


Also, the charges involved are reasonable. It may even be more reasonable compared to doing the process on your own, where the tendency of spending more on additional items would end up in the bill. Generally, junk companies offer cheap services. They will also benefit with the process. They will also earn money out of the junk you have surrendered. Thus, it is a win-win situation.



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Usage of Office Trailers Doubling

trailers Many business and people are using office trailers today more than ever. They have become a great solution for business to quickly and cheaply expand their office space rather than moving forward with expensive building additions. There are many benefits to using portable office trailers and more and more businesses today are recognizing that need than ever before. The most common use of portable office trailers is to cheaply and quickly get more rooms for private offices in traditional buildings and large construction sites. These trailers are extremely mobile because they have wheels on the bottom of them and trucks can easily hook up to them and move them as they please.

Because of the downturn in the economy more and more businesses are looking for ways to save money. This is another reason why the usage of portable office buildings are doubling. Many business would rather pay for these cheap offices than expand their current building. Additionally, construction is slowly beginning to rise in the US with the most popular area for new and large construction sites being Las Vegas, Baltimore, and Minneapolis. These cities are experiencing large growth and many construction companies are using portable office buildings to rent out onsite offices.

Additionally, we can’t ignore schools. As our population grows rapidly, the need for more room in our schools is also increasing. To save money, schools are not investing in building enhancements. Instead, they are using these portable office trailers for the long term and setting them up on vacant land on the campus. These portable office trailers can be combined to form much large rooms than a standard trailer. With three trailers combined, schools can easily use these new rooms to teach a class of 30 students. We are seeing some schools on average have at least ten portable office trailers at any given school year.

Portable office trailers are also easy to rent for personal and other needs. You can find many companies online in your area that can deliver and pick up the trailer at your location. The best place to find portable office trailers online is from They can locate and office trailer company in your area when you give them your zip code.

Depending on your needs, you can buy different kinds of trailers. Most portable office companies offer various kinds of trailers with different features. For instance, most construction companies will get a trailer that is already furnished with desks, conference rooms, private offices, and a bathroom. They don’t look that big on the outside, but these trailers can often fit around 3 rooms inside one standard sized trailer. Additionally, most trailers come with heating and air conditioning as well that is easy to activate by plugging your trailer into an electrical outlet.

Portable office trailers are expected to continue to grow as more schools, churches, and construction sites require portable office or office expansion needs. They provide a cheap and mobile solution that many businesses are opting for instead during this economic downturn.

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The High Crime Rate in Tulsa Oklahoma

bigstockphoto_Gavel_6197952copyTulsa, Oklahoma is one of the states in the United States that has a very high amount of crime rate compared to other places in America. Crimes such as theft, robbery and burglary are the highest in the state followed by assault, rape and arson. Why such a high statistic compared to other places in America? A Tulsa criminal attorney who works for disclosed as he admitted that Tulsa has been experiencing high crime rates for almost 13 years ever since the rates went up in 1999. He said that theft and other related cases were hard to monitor and prevent because of the inaccessibility of local law enforcement personnel to effectively cover a wide area since the operating capacity of law enforcement personnel were limited to 2 officers per 1000 people.

You should be able to determine how hard it is to respond to that number of people who need help in times of adversity and a crime situation is reported at about 10 incidents a day! You should be able to surmise that local law enforcement personnel have their hands full, no wonder Tulsa has a doubled averaged crime rate that any other city in the United States. There is no doubt that the crime situation in Tulsa, Oklahoma needs to be resolved, but unfortunately there is no one step solution in trying to find a very effective way in dealing with crime but that only with increasing the visibility and availability of law enforcement officers.

Crime rates depict the social problems that are directly proportional to the stability of an areas economic standing. It can show the problems that are related to the availability of providing adequate social needs such as jobs, food, education and security. A high crime rate is an indicator that there is indeed a problem in providing one of those basic social needs, and the scarcity of just even one of those necessities have a relevant effect on all other factors that result in the continuing decline of social living standards. If the government can provide all of these basic needs, even in the most menial level, we might see a decline of crime rates not just in Tulsa, Oklahoma but in all other places as well.

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Is Even Euromillions a Better Investment than the Eurozone?

lottery The European economy has had its problems for quite some time now, varying greatly in severance between regions and from year to year as well as quarter to quarter. Many European countries suffer severe recessions, Italy being one of the worst with its ongoing recession for nine quarters now, ever since starting to fall beyond the zero percent mark in the summer of 2011.

At the same time, even the most prosperous have troubles making ends meet – the German economy is stagnating at a 0.3 percent growth rate while the French see a 0.1 percent fall in GDP. The Eurozone economy overall had a growth rate of mere 0.1 percent in the third quarter of 2013 as compared to the second – in short, the whole economy of the region is not very well of indeed.

The Greek economy is quite clearly at its worse it’s been in a really long time, if not forever. While the European Commission last month came out and said that they expect the country to come out of the recession in 2014, with a solid growth of 2.9 % for 2015 if they continue the current path, it’s unclear who actually believes that. With the ongoing political turmoil and the economic crisis being what it is, it might well stay in recession much longer.

What Are the Odds of Winning the Lottery?

With any spending in the Eurozone looking much like throwing money into the sea, aren’t there any better alternatives? Surely even throwing money into a lottery is less of a waste? Any money spent on for example the Euromillions lotto see here, is bound to be lost by pure chance, but then again so is more or less all money spent into the current European economy.

So we discussed the chances of surviving a Eurozone recession – but what are the odds of coming out of the Euromillions lottery alive and with more money in your pockets? Well, it’s complicated. Let’s say that we want to not only keep our money but multiply them a few hundred times – let’s win the big jackpot, which at its smallest is at €15 million and at its biggest a massive €190 million (the result of several weeks of “rollovers”, in which no one gets the whole sequence of numbers correct). The odds of winning a Euromillions jackpot are quite harsh – a chance of 1 in 116 531 800.

So let’s go for a little less. What about just winning something? Here the odds are much safer, and you can actually count on winning something one time in thirteen. While you will obviously lose in the long run unless you’re truly lucky (that’s exactly how lotteries work, playing with an edge to the lottery), you’re just as likely to lose money on investing in, say, Greece or Italy.

And hey, in this case you are also likely to actually have some fun while you’re at it.

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How Personal Training Can Make You a Better Person

Woman with personal trainer Today’s post comes from a Californian man who tells us a story about a major change he made in his life that is truly inspirational. To protect his privacy, he wished to remain anonymous. Here is the story in his words:

About six months ago, I realized I needed to make a drastic change in my life. I was depressed and I hadn’t cleaned my apartment in eight months. There was literally 10 pizza boxes spread out on the floor in any given room, molding food stuck to the ground, maggots in untouched pots on the stove, and a smell that would scare rats away. I was suffering from depression and just didn’t have the energy to change or get up and clean. One day, while I managed to get out of the house, I was approached by a man at coffee shop. I have never seen this person before in my life, but for some reason, he felt the need to come up to me and say hi.

This made me incredibly nervous as I’ve always seen myself as a bit socially awkward. But we ended up sitting down at one of the open tables. I found it was very easy to talk to him and before I knew it was I telling him my life story. Why? I have no idea why! Little did I know this an would change my life forever.

He started to talk about what he does. He is a personal trainer at local fitness center called Next Level Fitness. I didn’t know at the time, but he is the best Orange County personal trainer at Next Level Fitness and he teaches other personal trainers how to be better at their jobs and service their clients better. I can see why. Before we ended our conversation, he told me that he was going to give me free personal training sessions for one month, because he “just felt that he needed to”. I didn’t really understand why either, but I reluctantly accepted. I had no idea what I was getting into.

It was 7:00 AM when I showed up at Next Level Fitness for my first session. I hadn’t woken up that early for anything in what felt like a year. Who was this guy and how did he convince me to come? We got started immediately and the first thing he told me to do was do as many pushups as I could without stopping. So, I dropped to my knees, arms straight with my palms on the floor, and I got into the pushup position. I let out a big sigh, took a deep breathe, and the rest was history.

Six months later and I’m a completely different person. I’m no longer depressed or live in a filthy apartment. Personal training helped gain confidence in myself, built up work ethic and showed me my new favorite hobby and way to live. To this day, I’m still training with him and he is now teaching me how to be my own personal trainer and get my own clients. I entered a whole new world and it’s all thanks to him saying “hi” to me at the coffee shop six months ago.

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Meet the Man Behind the Mask: Ken Dart

Photo credit:

The name “Ken Dart” is easily one of the most discussed names in the Cayman Islands. Known worldwide as an astute businessman, a generous philanthropist and benefactor, and a highly private individual, Mr. Dart has left many people wondering exactly who the man behind the mask is.

Although he dabbles in a wide variety of businesses across a number of industries, Mr. Dart is currently focused on his role as the owner of Dart Cayman Islands. He also serves as an active member on several Boards of Directors, including Dart Enterprises and Dart Realty Cayman. He also possesses a vested business interest in multiple commercial and recreational retail and real estate development operations within the Cayman Islands. Ken Dart was the primary designer and developer of an entertainment and shopping super-complex, known as Camana Bay. The amount of business and profit Camana Bay has brought to the island is expected to continue to bolster the Cayman Islands economy for at least the next five years.

The Dart Cayman Islands group is comprised of a number of different businesses, but this international conglomerate began with just a handful of employees and a single corner office. Today, this group employs nearly 700 individuals, 500 of whom are local citizens of the Cayman Islands, with the rest consisting of internationally located expatriates from the United States. Dart is committed to ensuring the mentoring, development, and personal and professional growth of their employees. In 2012, the Dart group launched their own high school and college scholarship program, named Minds Inspired, for local students who were not otherwise be able to afford to do so.

In September of 2004, Hurricane Ivan devastated the Grand Cayman Islands, and the results were horrific. Immediately, the Dart Foundation contributed $1 million to the government’s National Recovery Fund, which assisted in rebuilding and repairing hundreds of homes for Cayman citizens. As a member of the Dart Foundation’s Board of Directors, Mr. Dart has also ensured that funding has been provided to the Cayman government for the express purpose of developing and building new community and public parks, as well as the restoration of existing ones. The Dart Foundation has also provided funding for the Central Caribbean Marine Institute, the Little League of the Cayman Islands, the National Gallery of the Cayman Islands, and the Cayman Maritime Heritage Foundation.

Ken Dart has gone to great lengths to ensure that his businesses reinvest in the community that has supported his companies since day one; however, the Dart Foundation would not have the capital or funding for all of their charitable ventures if it were thanks the incredible business acumen of Mr. Dart. While most citizens of the Cayman Islands will never know Mr. Dart on a personal level, numerous public testaments to his character exist throughout the Cayman Islands.

To find out more about Ken Dart, the Dart Foundation, and the business services and charitable ventures of this organization, please visit their website today.

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