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Flooding good for local economy?

Jun 25, 13 Flooding good for local economy?

If you are not up to date with your news, you might be surprised to learn that Calgary, Canada is currently experiencing flooding problems from heavy rains. Similar to what occurred somewhat recently in the North East of the United States, also suffering from flooding issues from Hurricane Sandy.

My heart goes out to the folks effected in Calgary, but as someone who experienced the effects of Hurricane Sandy in New Jersey, their problems are just about to begin.

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Summer Travel To Sweden

Jun 25, 13 Summer Travel To Sweden

As some of you may know, I am originally from Taiwan.  Although I have lots of family members there that miss me dearly, long story short, SUMMER is not the time to go there.  Its hot humid, super hot, and spicy food is often on the menu.

Being that I could not write a word of Chinese in my mother tough, my sophomore year at university my folks shipped me back to the mother land to force to me learn how to write.    During my one year stay I did gain some mastery learning how to write Chinese characters, but my biggest education in life came from the foreign community in Taiwan.

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Changing Hairstyles May Boost Self-Confidence

A lot of studies have been conducted in regards to a change in hairstyle and a positive outlook of women on themselves. These 2 are positively correlated. Thus, a change in hairstyle could make a woman feel better about herself and eventually boost self-confidence. Those who felt bored with the same hairstyle over the years and decided to do a makeover have finally found their “lost” self. They now feel more confident in approaching the public. They can now face their bosses with pride and dignity. They can now wave their hands to their exes since they know that they are still beautiful despite how the relationship ended.

Project Makeover

Therefore, if you feel like you are losing self-confidence and you want to gain it back, then you might have to change your hairstyle. It does not necessarily mean you have to do a haircut or make drastic changes. You can just opt for something simpler and easier to do. For instance, if you have been sporting a straight, long hair all your life, you can get a curling iron and create some volumes. You can make this thicker next time as soon as you feel more confident with a wavy hair. You can check out the best curling iron here if you wish to achieve the wavy hair look that you have always dreamed to have.

Once you go out with your new hairstyle, you will surely attract attention. You can even change the perception of other people towards you. When you go out with messy and frizzy hair, they might think that you don’t really give attention to hygiene. However, by going out confidently in your new curly hair, they will think that you take a closer attention to every detail in your overall styling.

To a New You

This decision to change is worth celebrating. It might just be a simple change, but for most women, it takes a lot of courage. Thus, for you to have finally decided to break free and go for this change, you really have to be proud of yourself. If you need to know more abut curly hair, you can check out curling wand vs. curling iron at for more details.

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Sitting at Your Desk All Day – You Need Some Exercise

On this blog, we aim to provide practical advice for independent writers and freelancers, and also allow them to connect with each other, exchange experiences and start some joint projects. But, our goal to provide some real-life tips as well, not just the ones related to work and freelancing. Perhaps the biggest problems that freelancers face is organizing their time. While on the face of it, freelancing seems like a dream come true, since you no longer have a boss to answer to or a fixed timetable that you have to follow, in the end, you may end with less free time on your hands than you would have if you working a normal day job.

Your efficiency may suffer too, because most of us become too relaxed in the comfort of our own home, and then we tend to slouch and procrastinate. We would rate that as the one of the rare downsides of freelancing. However there is another one, which you may not notice at first.

You see, unless you’re a freelance photographer, you would spend most of your working hours sitting down, with your face fixated on the screen of your computer. Yes, there is nothing wrong with that, but if you don’t have a habit of taking a short break, going out for a walk or incorporating some exercise into your daily routine, you may end up having some serious health problems. Not only that but your productivity will diminish.

The most obvious one would be weight gain, since you spend most of your time sitting down at home. The other one would be the damage to your back muscles and your spine often caused by bad posture, which will catch up with you later in life. But there is a solution, you need to get some sort of exercise routine!

Mine is an Elliptical – What’s Yours?

My experiments with home exercise led me to using an elliptical trainer – have a look at elliptical machine if you haven’t heard of them for more information. That site has some great information and is owned by a guy called Brad Beckwith. Elliptical trainers have got you covered on several fronts. They provide you with an intensive cardio workout, which means you will be able to lose weight in no time. Also, they allow you to exercise in a low-impact manner, which will spare your joints and your back, and you won’t get strained or injured in the process. And for those of you who take the time to go to the gym, you will be able to save a lot of time by exercising at home, since the trainer will be available to you at any moment.

I tried several different types of home exercise from treadmills to stationary bikes but for me, the elliptical was a revelation and fitted in well with my work life. Twenty minutes of hard working out, four times a week keeps me fit and feeling good.

Once you fall into the rhythm of exercising regularly, you will have more energy to carry out your daily tasks, and to do your work. These are all aspect of freelancing that people who choose to work from home rarely consider, and whose consequences sneak up on them later in life. In order to avoid those common pitfalls, set aside at least half an hour in the day and take a brisk walk, go for a jog, ride a bike, or enjoy the benefits of an elliptical trainer. You will feel better, more energized, and most of all, your back will thank you for it.

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Why Consider Click and Collect for Your Business

Retail and manufacturing businesses sell products to customers, although the difference is that most manufacturers have companies as their clients, while retail stores have the end users. Whether you’re starting a manufacturing or a retail company, there are various factors that you need to consider like the products that you would like to sell, your storage and people that would work for you. You should have enough space to store all your items.

A machine that would let you easily place your products on higher storage would also be convenient like a scissor lift. If you’re worried about the cost, there are quality but affordable scissor lifts that you can rent or purchase. You may also consider your delivery or pick up options. While delivery is often not a problem for customers who have homes or offices that are easy to locate,  a lot of times, it’s difficult to deliver to those who are living in apartment units since their places are hard to find. Because of this, many businesses offering their products online are now adopting the click and collect option.

Click and Collect

If you’re planning to offer your products online, you may want to consider the click and collect option on how customers can get the products they ordered. If for some reason they prefer not to have their orders delivered at home, they still have this option for their convenience. This is not just about picking the ordered products from your local store, but from a location that is more convenient for them to access. You may need to find strategic locations for you to serve as your pick up points to offer convenience to all possible clients, no matter where they are coming from.

For instance, some companies in Great Britain offer deliveries at local train stations where customers can pick up their orders. Doddle is one of these businesses. It has a pick up shop on a train station where customers can pick up products, as well as return those with problems. Based on the statistics from Plant Retail, 35% of customers in Great Britain use click and collect. In the United States, 13% are doing this, but there is a big possibility that this would become more popular in the future.

A convenient pick up option would improve customer satisfaction.

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Behind the Scenes: Beauty Pageant Preparations

Like the Olympics and other important events in the world, International beauty pageants are something that people look forward to viewing. There are millions of fans and admirers who like to look at how these beautiful women project confidence and stay poised even under the most stressful situations. The Miss World and Miss Universe competitions are two of the most popular pageants; and every year, thousands of young women from different countries must win their own local competitions before being fielded to either the Miss World or Miss Universe competitions.

Contents at the local level are also not easy. It begins from the grassroots and requires combing through provinces and local areas for beauties who may or may not know that they are queen material. These girls are then trained how to walk properly, sit, stand, and given a make over of every kind. Yes, even their eyebrows are plucked and they are given painful bikini waxes in order to look good in the all-important swimsuit competition. For those who need a little trimming up or toning, they are placed on special diets and required to work out in order to come up to the ideal figure of 36-24-36.

It’s a huge challenge, especially learning how to make themselves presentable. The pageant shots seen on television show a glamorous event, but it takes more than a village to pull this event off. There are hundreds of make up artists, and hair experts weilding their hair styling tools — only the best curling iron for these girls. Some of them still argue between using curling wand vs. curling iron but that debate is still open until now. The important thing is to use any and all kinds of tools to make the girls look their best during the competition. If you’ve noticed, there are different hairstyles and make up effects needed for different parts of the competition. Costumes and various gowns are also needed and these are often commissioned from well known fashion designers from their respective countries.

After all, beauty pageants are always in the news and winning one is a matter of national pride.

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Tips to Make Your Home Conducive for Work

Work from home freelancers are continuously growing because of the increasing number of works that allow telecommuting. Writers are one of these many professionals who enjoy the opportunity of being able to work without leaving the house. If you too are working from home or are planning to shift your career into this, it’s important to make your place conducive for work. This is because you still need to have the same focus and creativity that you have like you were working in a regular office setting. That being said, here are some tips on how to make your place ideal so you can be more productive.

Get a Space for Your Home Office

It’s ideal to have a separate room that would serve as your home office. It doesn’t have to be huge, just as long as you can work on it comfortably. You’ll have more privacy, thus allowing you to concentrate better on your project. Moreover, you’ll be able to associate it with work. When you go to your home office, you’ll have your mind set that it’s time to work. This could be challenging if you don’t have a specific area at home that’s dedicated for your job. You might feel the urge to do other chores at home, which may lead to your work not being done on time.

Clean Up and Organize

A cluttered and disorganized place could distract you from working. You’ll be able to think more clearly if you have a clean and organized home.  Since you would do the cleaning, do it on the entire house and not just on the area where you will be working. This would also help you relax after work hours.  It may also be the time to do that home makeover you’ve been wanting to have just so to freshen up the look of your home. You can always consider dumpster rental, which is available in different states, so you have something where you can throw those clutters and whatever needs to go. If there are loads of things to move out, forklift rental would make it more convenient.

Get Proper Lighting

This is important as you don’t want to strain your eyes if working without proper lighting. Moreover, a nicely lit place can boost your productivity. If you have a window near you, take advantage of the natural light that gets in your home. This would make you feel livelier, which would give you the energy to work.

Make Your Work Space Comfortable

Invest on a table and chair that has the right size for you. The monitor of your computer should ideally be on eye level so you don’t have to slouch or look up when working. A nice chair that has the right firmness for support, but also softness to avoid pain, especially when sitting for a long time, would greatly help.

Talk to your family members regarding your needs when you’re working. Let them know that you need to focus on your work so they could prevent doing things that might disturb you.

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The Need for Accurate information

Man’s thirst for information and knowledge has propelled him to continue to search and discover new things and also take a closer look at the past. People have pored over books, listened to scholars, searched for information and did everything they could to learn. When the Internet came about, knowledge and discovery became even more accessible. All of a sudden, everyone had access to the things they were interested to know about – or read about.

A science enthusiast can check about news and other related information in his or her news feed anytime of the day. There’s an RSS feed of blogs and websites catering to that same niche. If you follow only reputable sources such as blogs and websites, you can be assured that the information you are getting are correct and accurate. Sadly, that is not true for everywhere else in the world. There are people who are really out to spread confusion and misinformation on some very grave issues such as the persecution of Christians in the Middle East. You can protect yourself by following only reputable news and article sources online.

You can choose from the countless news sites which posts update almost round-the-clock. If you go to reliable news sites, you will be sure that the articles are accurate and that their sources are credible. Another thing to remember is to be careful before sharing information (especially photos and videos) via your social media networks. Just because something is online that doesn’t mean that it is correct. You might be spreading misinformation without meaning to and people and their families could get hurt in the process.

One site that you can trust with the correct information is theneeds. It’s a site created by reputable journalists and writers who aim to protect the truth by providing only correct information to their readers. They make sure that the articles are not only well-written, they are accurate and truthful as well. Their sources are also well-protected and correctly attributed. Best of all, there is a wide variety of information that can be found on the site. It caters to individuals with varied interests and inclinations.

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Online Door Purchase and Delivery Anywhere in the World

Gone were the days when you just have to make the most out of the local door manufacturers in selecting the best doors for your house. These days, you can have just about anything that you wanted as these doors can now be ordered and bought online. All you have to do is to determine what type of door you wanted and where you wanted it to be delivered. In an instant, you can have the kind of door that you want for your home.

Advantages of Online Purchase

To begin with, when you buy online, there are a lot more choices. You can have any design, size and color that you want. There are even some shops where you can have a customized door. This helps a lot if there is a particular theme that you wanted for your home. Another advantage of online purchase is that you can do it any time you want. You can also move from one shop to another if you have not found the best choice. When you go for an online store, you will be forced to move from one shop and drive to another if you still don’t find anything. Worse, you might spend several days of looking around, but you still got nothing. Online purchase makes everything a lot easier for you.

Door Installation Details

You might wonder how the doors will be installed upon delivery. First of all, there are companies that personally deliver the doors so they can have them installed right away. If you live near the main office of the said manufacturer, they will then send people to install the door if you opt for that package. If you live quite far, it is not a problem. You can easily find a local door installer to help you out. The pay will be different, but it will most likely be affordable as you are just getting someone in your community.

With the availability of these doors online, buying one has been made a lot easier than before. Therefore, you have to start making orders now. For the best choice of windows and doors in Aurora, you can visit here for more details.

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Reasons Why Breast Augmentation is No Longer a Taboo

Back then, when you open up the idea of breast augmentation, a lot of people are against it. There are those who would argue that we should not change whatever is given to us. There are also those do not trust the technology. There are also those who think that they might be teased because of giving in to this technology. However, these excuses are now starting to go away. A lot of people have become more accepting when it comes to breast augmentation or of cosmetic surgery in general.

The said idea is true not just in the US, but also in many other countries all over the world. The perception of people regarding cosmetic surgery has started to change and they are now fine with it. In fact, there is a surge in the number of women undergoing breast augmentation in recent years. The entire cosmetic surgery industry has also ballooned into a billion-dollar industry. What has caused the change of heart? Why is it that people are now fine with breast augmentation?

Better Technology in Place

One of the reasons why people are more accepting of this procedure is because they have seen positive results. They know that this is something that they should not be afraid of as there are already thousands of women who have proven that the technology is totally safe. They have nothing to fear.
The misconceptions surrounding breast augmentation have also started to fade. There are also newer technologies in place to ensure that women who have gone through the procedure won’t suffer much once the anesthetics have worn off. The recovery period has also lessened and the time it takes to see the actual results has become a lot faster. Most of all, there are lots of proofs that even after several years, nothing wrong will happen to the materials stuffed inside the breast. Given these reasons, more women are convinced that this is something worth trying.

Countering Religious Arguments

Back then, there are people who have very strong faith and are against the concept of cosmetic surgery. They think that it is a way of disrespecting what God has given. However, even these people have already changed their minds. With the idea that cosmetic surgery is just a way of enhancing what God has given, they become more accepting. After all, God has mentioned nothing about enhancing His gifts and making them look better.

Freedom of Choice

In the end, whether people will be more accepting of cosmetic surgery or not, the point is that it is your freedom to choose if you will go for it. It is your body and you will be the one to either suffer the consequences or enjoy the positive results. You should not care about what the society dictates.

If you are interested in the idea of breast surgery, you can check out the best breast augmentation in Denver surgeon here. You might also want to know more about breast augmentation in Cedar Rapids at

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Top News Stories from around the World: From Ferguson to Crimea

While the world is getting a lot better, it doesn’t mean that change will happen all at once. In fact, there are so many stories of danger and despair that it can be hard to hold out for hope. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t stay informed. Out of sight and out of mind doesn’t mean anything as the world moves around you. Here are some of the most important global news stories.

The Ferguson Protests
What started as a bunch of peaceful protests regarding racial inequalities quickly turned into a series of violent altercations between the Ferguson police department and the said protestors. A few days after the peaceful vigil of Michael Brown, looters took to the streets and stole as many goods as they could carry. Not long after, riot police retaliated with tear gas and rubber bullets.

ISIS and the murder of Journalist James Foley
The news of ISIS being rejected by the Al Qaeda was bad. You see, it implied that the new terrorist faction was even worse than the former enemy of Iraq and Syria. The thing that truly cemented their reputation as an ultra-violent paramilitary organization happened just a few days ago. James Foley, a war journalist who was dispatched in the Middle East several times, was murdered by the over eager ISIS. The chilling message on their attached video was one of terror, meant to scare the world and provoke military action from the United States.

What’s next for Crimea?
The Crimean conflict is one that has been short and very bloody. From the initial attacks by Pro Russian military groups, to the tragic crash of MH17; every inch of progress has been marred by one sort of violence or another. For now, Russia is poised to keep its position in the Ukraine and is even reinforcing its presence. Compromise may be the only course of action left to the Ukrainian people.

While the world may be in more dire straits in before, it doesn’t mean its current state will be permanent. All you can do is to make sure you’re safe. Figure out your finances and if you’re facing bankruptcy or another kind of financial situation. Contact a Montgomery bankruptcy attorney who can help secure your position. By doing so, you can be sure that your family’s future is safe no matter the state of the world.

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Common Mistakes When Making Accommodation Reservations for a Holiday Trip

Whenever you decide to travel to certain places, you have to make sure that your accommodation details are well-managed. You will definitely not enjoy the holidays especially if you are not comfortable with the place where you are staying. You don’t feel secure leaving your things behind or you have a hard time sleeping at night. Therefore, if you want to make this trip perfect, here are some of the mistakes that you need to avoid when making reservations. By avoiding these mistakes, you will surely end up with a great place to stay.

1. Sealing the deal right away. For instance, you are planning to go to Miami. When you have seen a beautiful room at an affordable price, you might want to reserve it right away. In as much as the pictures are tempting, the truth is that there are a lot of better choices when you start doing your research. Thus, there is no need to hurry in closing the deal. Besides, you can always come back to that choice if it really is the best choice for you.

2. Grabbing cheap rooms. Yes, your effort to save money is totally understandable. However, this does not mean you will just grab any cheap accommodation that you can find. You need to know the details first. Find out if the room is big enough or it can accommodate everyone who is going on the trip. It should also have the amenities that everyone wants. There is no point in going for something cheap when you have to make lots of sacrifices eventually.

3. Looking for unfamiliar choices. Usually, if you research well, you can find hotels that are unheard of, but are extremely cheap. Yes, this might sound tempting, but you should not close the deal. Take note that they are unpopular for a reason. Rest assured, there are more popular choices out there that are still within your budget range. They should be preferred.

When you are looking for Miami beach suites, go here and find incredible choices. There might be lots of potential mistakes that you will commit in doing reservations, but with this option, you will never go wrong.

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